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Hone Alone Razor Sharpening Block

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on replacing high quality razor blades? With the Hone Alone Razor Sharpening Block you can extend the life of your razor cartridges by 5-7 times! It works on any cartridge like the Mach 3™ or Atra™, and a few passes on Hone alone will renew your blade. No exact numbers are known or released, but the estimates are between 1 and 2 billion blade cartridges are thrown into landfills every year! Not only is this wasteful but it is dangerous. The most common blade cartridge has 3 blades. So that means somewhere between 3 to 6 billion sharp, steel blades are thrown into landfills EACH year. By using Hone Alone, you can help reduce this number by 75%. It really is that easy to save money and the environment by reducing the amount of cartridges being thrown out everyday with Hone Alone. Hone Alone works with virtually all women’s razors too!
Start with a wet razor.
Move the blade along the honing pad in the opposite direction of shaving. Usually 6-8 quick passes is enough.
There is no step 3! That's It! Hone Alone can extend blade life by 5-7 times.


Save money. Save the environment. And, yes, save valuable time.

We have carefully sourced all our materials so we can proudly guarantee they are produced in the USA.

We have taken ancient shaving practices and tools and altered them just enough to be a wise choice in our contemporary, fast-paced world. What was old is new again.

You don’t need to learn a new way to shave or purchase a whole shaving kit. You just need to swipe your current razor over Hone Alone and it is done. It’s as simple as that.

Hone Alone doesn’t discriminate. We welcome and encourage women to use our Hone Alone. A honed razor is perfect for sensitive areas.

Have a clean, sharp blade. Anytime. Anywhere. Any place.



This ALL-American product works like an old fashion strop to breathe new life into old razors. Simply wet, then pass over the block and start shaving. Simplicity and function coming together seamlessly in this useful product.

As an outdoorsman, I use hones all the time to sharpen my knives – never
thought about using them for this application. Bravo – and well done!

This product is truly amazing. You save the planet by using less razors, you save money by buying less razors, and you save time by not going as much to the store to buy razors! What else do you need? This product works so well that I ended buying two (2) of them (one for me and the other for my dad). My dad and I love this product because it WORKS! Thank You Hone Alone for this genius invention.

“Wow, this simple device has doubled the life of my razor blades saving me more than 50% of my shaving costs! Those new fangled blades are so expensive! This thing is so convenient and simple to use; just leave it in the shower to use once a month and afterwards your blade is as good as new!”

“I must admit, I was skeptical at first but after using Hone Alone I am convinced! My blades last three times longer. Not only am I spending 1/3 as much on blade cartridges, I’m throwing 1/3 as many blade cartridges in the trash. Great invention!”

“With a medium-heavy beard my disposable razors (not cartridges) have a short life. But the Hone Alone stretches their life up to 3 months! Just think of what your grandfather used to sharpen his straight razor with! That’s what Hone Alone does for your disposable razor or cartridge (Mach III™, Sensa™, etc.)”


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