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About Us

As a professional woodworker, Keith Brandman has been sharpening chisels and plane irons for four decades. His expertise in working closely with metal and wood brought him to the realization that sharpening today's disposable razors is possible to extend their life, instead of just disposing of them.

Keith creates elegant finely handcrafted furniture and wants to bring that sense of style and simplicity as well as utilitarian value to the everyday job of shaving.

He is a craftsman first and foremost. He loves working with his hands and feels there is great value in being able to maintain our daily grooming tools by simple, easy to use, non-technological methods. Hone Alone embraces this goal.



% Less Razor Waste


Batteries Needed


Extended Razor Life

This ALL-American product works like an old fashion strop to breathe new life into old razors. Simply wet, then pass over the block and start shaving. Simplicity and function coming together seamlessly in this useful product.

As an outdoorsman, I use hones all the time to sharpen my knives – never
thought about using them for this application. Bravo – and well done!

This product is truly amazing. You save the planet by using less razors, you save money by buying less razors, and you save time by not going as much to the store to buy razors! What else do you need? This product works so well that I ended buying two (2) of them (one for me and the other for my dad). My dad and I love this product because it WORKS! Thank You Hone Alone for this genius invention.

“Wow, this simple device has doubled the life of my razor blades saving me more than 50% of my shaving costs! Those new fangled blades are so expensive! This thing is so convenient and simple to use; just leave it in the shower to use once a month and afterwards your blade is as good as new!”

“I must admit, I was skeptical at first but after using Hone Alone I am convinced! My blades last three times longer. Not only am I spending 1/3 as much on blade cartridges, I’m throwing 1/3 as many blade cartridges in the trash. Great invention!”

“With a medium-heavy beard my disposable razors (not cartridges) have a short life. But the Hone Alone stretches their life up to 3 months! Just think of what your grandfather used to sharpen his straight razor with! That’s what Hone Alone does for your disposable razor or cartridge (Mach III™, Sensa™, etc.)”

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